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About Guidestar

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GuideStar Eldercare's mission is to enhance the quality of life for our shared patients by easing their suffering while actively promoting their safety, functionality, and dignity.

GuideStar Eldercare is the national leader in neurobehavioral eldercare, providing expert dementia care medical services to long-term care skilled nursing facilities and memory care units.

Our neurologically based model ensures proper care and diagnosis, which leads to higher standards of care for patients with dementia, neurocognitive impairments, and/or psychiatric conditions. Our outcomes-driven clinical model for assessment and treatment eases suffering and leads to the best possible outcomes for the patient and the facility.

As a comprehensive medical group, GuideStar Eldercare provides consistent, daily support to our facilities, their staff, their residents, and their residents’ families. We are also available via on-call services with our capable clinicians 24/7. Explore neurobehavioral services.