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healthy foods being served to elderly person in healthcare facility

What is the MIND Diet?

There is no cure for most dementias, but evidence indicates that the MIND Diet may be able to influence cognitive functioning. This year we take a loo...

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caregiver combing elderly woman's hair

Strategies for ADL Care in Dementia

Caregivers in nursing homes face many challenges in providing daily care for residents who are living with dementia. The need for assistance with ADLs...

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medical personnel holding a brain scan

Dementia: Basis in Neurology

In nursing homes, a neurologist is uniquely qualified to evaluate the neurological findings underlying each resident’s clinical dementia symptoms. Dia...

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Elderly man putting medication in his mouth while health care practioner hands him a glass of water.

Nursing Home Antipsychotic Increased During the COVID Pandemic

In the acute and early stages of the COVID pandemic, prescriptions for antipsychotic drugs spiked among patients living with dementia in the U.S., and...

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elderly woman and younger caregiver sharing affection as younger woman kisses elderly woman on cheek

Dementia Care: Families Can Improve Quality of Life

Recognizing family members as partners in dementia care can advance person-centered care and improve quality of life

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Dangerous Antipsychotics still prevalent in nursing homes

“Dangerous Antipsychotics” Still Prevalent in Nursing Homes

More than 250,000 US nursing home residents receive dangerous antipsychotics weekly & in most cases these drugs are administered without clinical just...

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Reducing Antipsychotic Use in Nursing Homes: A Paradigm Shift

Reducing Antipsychotic Use in Nursing Homes: A Paradigm Shift

A vast majority of nursing home patients with dementia will at some point develop behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD), and this i...

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"General practitioners expressed a lack of expertise concerning medications in the area of dementia care, and a lack of possible alternatives when faced with nursing home staff's demands." (Moth et al, 2021)

Challenges to Reducing Antipsychotic Use in Nursing Homes

Practitioners in the long-term care industry today are wrestling with overuse of antipsychotic medications, along with CMS mandates to reduce antipsyc...

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seated elderly gentleman with a pair of caregivher hands on his shoulders

7 Things to Know About BPSD

BPSD have a significant impact on prognosis, institutionalization, and caregiver well-being, If you are working in long-term care, here are seven thin...

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