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Industry Leadership

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GuideStar Eldercare is actively changing the paradigm for long-term care, particularly clinical approaches and outcomes for patients with dementia. Learn more about our leadership in the long-term care industry.

Presentations & Publications

GuideStar Eldercare poster session, AAIC, August 2022: Interdisciplinary Antipsychotic Stewardship Between Operator and Neurobehavioral Consultant


Daniel Heiser, Psy. D., Senior Vice President, Behavioral Health, spoke about increased indications of anxiety and depression among nursing home residents and the gap in behavioral health services. Skilled Nursing News, Aug. 24, 2022

Dr. Steven Posar, as featured on "Advancements", the TV Series.

Research, Advocacy, & Education

The Steven L. Posar M.D., Eldercare Foundation was created to provide a research and advocacy platform to help transform the eldercare and skilled nursing space.