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An older man sits with a nurse

Antipsychotic Stewardship

GuideStar Eldercare
Long-Term Care Antipsychotic Stewardship®

GuideStar Eldercare's person-centered approach to pharmacology for residents with dementia and psychiatric conditions provides positive clinical outcomes for residents and support for LTC facilities. This program is backed by research published in JAMDA (Sept. 25, 2023), Antipsychotic Drug Reduction Through the Implementation of a Neurologically Oriented, Interdisciplinary Psycho-Diagnostic and Antipsychotic Stewardship Program, and has been shared in professional presentations to the Ohio Health Care Association, PALTC, and AAIC.

The GuideStar Eldercare Long-Term Care Antipsychotic Stewardship® aims to reduce the usage of unnecessary medication by:

  • Identifying appropriate diagnoses
  • Polypharmacy review
  • Gradual Dose Reduction (GDR) to provide indication or contraindication of reductions
  • Thorough documentation via clinical notes from interprofessional healthcare team
  • Education and guidance for facility staff on side effects, behaviors, and outcomes