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Tips for Successful Holidays with Dementia Patients

Successful Holidays with Dementia Patients

Here are some tips for making holidays as enjoyable as possible for your patients and families despite trigger stressors for patients.

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Antipsychotic Drugs Overused in Nursing Homes

A recent invesigative report alleges the government and industry are obsuring the true rate of antipsychotic drug use on vulnerable residents.

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Depression or dementia?

Depression or Dementia?

Is it depression or dementia? Among the most common symptoms affecting dementia patients in nursing homes are apathy and depression.

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Aggressive behavior in Alzheimer’s residents

Aggressive behavior is a common behavior among Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in nursing homes. Staff sometimes struggle with how to manage these b...

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Understanding Vascular Dementia

While many lay people equate “dementia” with Alzheimer’s disease, other forms of dementia can take a toll on older individuals. The second most common...

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Geropsychologists are in Demand

A career track in clinical geropsychology is appealing choice for psychologists. There aren't enough specialists, leading to job-security.

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The Impact of COVID in Nursing Home Needs

Stresses imposed by COVID-19 social isolation, shifting routines, grief, and fear of illness all created strain for nursing home residents and staff.

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Assessing Cognitive Function in Nursing Homes

Cognitive assessment is a paramount need in nursing homes and can help develop a treatment plan and improve quality of life.

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Behavioral Training for Dementia Care Staff

Staff training can empower facilities to rise to the need of their patients, especially those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

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